Internet Penetration & Usage Statistics for Jamaica

Posted on September 15, 2010 · Posted in Jamaica, Our Blog
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Based on a report from Internet World, Jamaica has seen a growth of 2,535.20% in internet users since the year 2000, which is now at 1,581,100 Jamaicans and is growing. That is a local penetration of 55% and represents a usage of 16.7% of total Caribbean internet users with the Dominican Republic being the largest user of the internet in the Caribbean at 32.6%. St. Lucia has the highest percentage penetration at 88.8%, then Antigua & Barbuda at 74% and St. Vincent & the Grenadines at 72%.

The figures for Jamaica are expected to improve at an even greater pace since companies such as Claro and Digicel Jamaica have begun to aggressively target the mobile internet market with low cost, portable broadband solutions. As more Jamaicans begin to embrace the power and convenience of the web, businesses should strategically place themselves online to capture the attention of the new web generation, who are spending the majority of their free time online.

As more Jamaicans spend more time online, greater opportunities arise for advertising through social media and other unique methods. Thus sustaining an online presence through your own websites or social media is quickly becoming a prerequisite in the mind of the Jamaican shopper before doing business.

We should take advantage of this information and recognize the possibilities in online business ventures. With more locals online this offers a much wider audience for promotions and also a brand new niche for service providers who were not previously online.

Its time for Jamaicans to leverage the benefits of the internet through business.

To learn more about creating and maintaining a fresh and effective online presence, contact one of our consultants at 577-2553. We would be happy to help you grow your business online.

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